Don't let the sun — or Dave Grohl — catch you crying.

That's the potentially embarrassing (but actually quite cool) lesson learned by a Foo Fighters fan named Anthony, who was overcome with emotion during the band's Aug. 16 stop at the Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Colorado and found himself singled out by — and eventually sharing the stage with — Grohl for an acoustic performance of "My Hero."

You can watch the whole thing go down in the fan-shot clip embedded above, which picks up from the beginning of the song and captures the moment when Grohl, in the midst of some mid-song banter, notices Anthony crying in the crowd.

"Don’t cry, motherf---er," begins Grohl. "I know you’re drunk. Don’t cry. Are you crying right now? You’re f---ing crying, aren’t you? I love you, man. Look at you — holy s---."

Recognizing a moment in the making when he sees one, Grohl then abandons his speech and decides to finish "My Hero" as a face-to-face serenade. "I’m singing this s--- to you right now. I’m gonna sing this f---ing song right in your face, man-to-man, prison style," he shouts. "I’m going man-to-man. Me and you — I want some real tears; you better sing it with me. Don’t make me cry, because I promised I wouldn’t do this."

After demanding that he get "Front row, against the rail, right here! Get in here, motherf---er, you drunk emotional mess!," Grohl instructs security to let Anthony up on stage, then gives up his stool to put him in the best seat in the house for the rest of the song.

It's been one heck of an eventful tour for the Foos, who were briefly sidelined after Grohl broke his leg during a show and have been on a fan-friendly tear since resuming dates with him seated in a giant rock god throne, taking part in warm-and-fuzzy shenanigans like inviting Grohl's surgeon to sing with them and bringing a fan up on stage to help cover Rush's "Tom Sawyer." The band's North American dates continue through October.

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