One of the things that stands out with Rush is the complexity of their playing and how deep the lyrics often take the listener. Because of that, it would seem that having a spinoff novel of the group's latest disc 'Clockwork Angels' would be a perfect fit for the Rush fan, but co-author Kevin J. Anderson says that the book can appeal to more than just the hardcore follower of the group.

Anderson tells Sci-Fi Pulse, "Note that they are independent. You can enjoy the novel fully without listening to the album, even if you're not a Rush fan. But if you are a Rush fan, you've probably already heard the CD. I think you can hear the CD a couple of times and play it while you're reading the novel. The two should be greater than the sum of the parts."

The interlinking piece to both the album and the story is Rush drummer Neil Peart, who co-authored the novel. Anderson says that he and Peart discussed the album as he was developing the songs, and the drummer shared the lyrics as each track was done, but he hadn't heard the full album until February of this year, at which point he started writing for the book.

While Anderson did utilize a few lines from the album within the text, he didn't keep a running count of how many nods were made to the album. He explains, "I have been immersed in Rush music and lyrics for most of my life, and so when I wrote the prose, I found many natural ways to drop in familiar lines from songs. But I wanted it to be 'natural' rather than a clunky nudge and wink. If you aren't familiar with the lyrics, I doubt you'll even notice the nods. But if you do know Rush, then you'll appreciate them."

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