On the heels of their third studio album ‘Phosphorescent Harvest,’ the Chris Robinson Brotherhood have been keeping very busy on the road. With an always-evolving setlist, the CRB does everything possible to ensure a unique live experience for fans at every stop.

Want proof?: Witness their 75-minute set on June 8 at the 10th annual installment of Mountain Jam. Drawing a huge daytime audience, the Brotherhood rocked Hunter Mountain in upstate New York with the Bob Dylan tune ‘Crash on the Levee (Down in the Flood),’ and the insanely funky ‘Shore Power’ off of their latest album.

The highlight of the set, however, was easily the band’s cover of the Black Crowes’ ‘I Ain’t Hiding’ from the 2009 double album ‘Before the Frost … Until the Freeze.’ It’s always interesting to see how far the Chris Robinson Brotherhood will venture into his other band's catalog, but considering ‘Before the Frost’ was recorded at Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock -- which isn't too far from Hunter Mountain -- it only made sense that Robinson paid homage to that particular moment in his career. Watch the CRB’s more relaxed yet equally powerful cover of ‘I Ain’t Hiding’ in the video above.

Wrapping up the set, the Brotherhood jammed on ‘Rosalee,’ the first track that was released from its debut ‘Big Moon Ritual.’ The groovy track that introduced much of the world to the Chris Robinson Brotherhood in 2012 was also the song that said farewell to those at Mountain Jam this year. Our exclusive video of 'Rosalee' at Mountain Jam is below.

From the band’s chemistry on-stage to the bubbles floating through the air, to the hips moving in the crowd, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood's show was the epitome of a party. Enjoy!

Chris Robinson Brotherhood, ‘Rosalee’ - Mountain Jam

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