Illinois natives Cheap Trick will be launching a hybrid of instrument museum, restaurant and music venue in Chicago. Even though the band famously hails from Rockford, which is the state's third's largest city, they are situating this thrilling new venture in the Windy City, which attracts tons and tons of tourists.

The band's manager David Frey told the Chicago Sun Times that this establishment will serve multiple purposes and needs. He revealed it will be a "one-of-a-kind eatery, unique musical instrument museum, radio station and performance space, as well as a rooftop and outdoor and event space in the future Music Row in Chicago." Wow. That covers a lot of bases and sounds infinitely cool, to boot. The new venture will take up residence at a former Buick dealership located at 2245 S. Michigan in the emerging Record Row-Motor Row district.

In 2011, multi-tasking is all the rage, whether it's your employees, your smartphone or your music venue! It's certainly an ambitious undertaking on Cheap Trick's part, but once it opens, it's going to be quite a "must see" destination for rock fans visiting Chicago.

This all-purpose venue will be developed through the next year.

Frey also revealed that guitarist Rick Nielsen lost 47 guitars in the Ottawa stage collapse, which took place earlier this year. 'We’re working on restoration and we’re still recovering from that," he said about the crushed instruments.