On the chance that Led Zeppelin decide to reunite, the odds are strong that John Bonham's drum seat would be occupied by his son, Jason. However, veteran drummer Carmine Appice feels that he is a better fit for the role than somebody who shares Bonzo's DNA.

"Everybody in that band there is legendary," he told the Totally Driven Radio podcast. "They're old school and legendary. Jason isn't legendary, and he's not old school. He's John Bonham's son, but he don't play like John Bonham...He plays like him. He's not John. He's got that name, but he's not John Bonham. I'm not John Bonham either, but I think my style might be close, 'cause I came first, and John listened to stuff I did and did it his own way. And we took 'em on their first tour. It's very close-sounding stuff in feel."

The answer came about when he was asked innocently enough if Appice, who got his start with the Vanilla Fudge and has big names like Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne on his resume, who else he would want to play with. "I would like to work with a Led Zeppelin configuration, whether it's just John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page and me and a singer. I've heard that they're talking, maybe, to Ann Wilson...There's a rumor that Ann Wilson might go out with them. I would love to play drums on something like that."

Fortunately for Appice, he doesn't have to wait by the phone waiting for the hypothetical call that will most likely never come. Earlier this year, he joined forces with former Deep Purple and Rainbow frontman Joe Lynn Turner in a new band called Rated X. Their bebut was released last month.

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