We know Robert Plant isn't interested in fronting a reconstituted Led Zeppelin, and we know Heart singer Ann Wilson is more than up to the task of performing Zeppelin's greatest hits. Could she ever see herself joining Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones for some sort of Zep project?

The subject came up during Wilson's recent chat with Classic Rock Revisited, starting with the incendiary cover of 'Stairway to Heaven' that she and Nancy Wilson performed at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2012. Calling it "one of the most unforgettable nights of my life ... a life changer," she shared the rush of emotions that came over them after they left the stage.

"When we were done, we walked backstage and there was a feeling of awe. We were like, 'What just happened?'" Wilson recalled. "We weren’t nervous when we were doing it, but afterwards our nervous system came back to life and it all kicked in."

Asked if she'd audition for the job if Page and Jones decided to mount a tour of Zeppelin material without Plant in the vocal spot, Wilson quipped, "Would I have to audition?" before making it clear that -- in the probably fairly unlikely event that she's called upon to do it -- she'd be more than happy to step in.

"I don’t know. Hypothetically, if they ever needed a lead singer and Heart was not active at the moment, then, sure, I would," Wilson offered. "I would go and play with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones any day of the week."

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