Another day, another tattoo! Let’s face it, we could all use a superhero in our lives from time to time. This rock icon went for the permanent approach, getting the Superman shield logo tattooed on his arm. It seems to have worked wonders because his career has done nothing but fly high since then, even without the red cape.

You want some more clues? Well, this is just one of a few tattoos our mystery hero sports, and it’s been on his arm since the ‘80s so it’s pretty recognizable. More, you say? OK, he celebrated his 50th birthday earlier this month and his band wrote a song with ‘Superman’ in the title on their last disc.

Oh, and just one more thing, this rocker has tried his luck at several other ventures throughout the years including acting and sports. Let’s just say, he’s got ‘Soul.’ Have you figured it out yet? Click below to see if you’re right.

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