When the Eagles played their first-ever show in the Middle East, performing at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai on April 11, they granted an all-access to a special local. To be more specific, they hooked up one of their favorite furry creatures: a camel! Ain't he cute?

Check out that laminate hanging around the camel's neck. He must be someone pretty special if he has been granted that kind of access for the band's tour. Many fans would give their eyeteeth to score access such as this! It makes a nice necklace, don't ya think? The camel is adorned in other decorative attire, but we think it's the lammy that makes him that much cooler.

The camel looks like he (or she? we're too polite to check) is relaxing before the show, on a nice patch of green, since he knows he can chill backstage with the band after they get done entertaining thousands of Middle Eastern fans. Or perhaps the band employed the camel as part of the crew for the day, transporting stuff?

This was the group's first and only trek to the Middle East in its entire 40-year-history.

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