Ratt and infighting go together like high harmonies and power chords, so it should come as absolutely no surprise that drummer Bobby Blotzer is firing back against his former bandmates' recent announcement that they've reunited, taken control of the group's name, and kicked Blotzer out.

Blotzer has been touring with his own version of the band while claiming that guitarist Warren DeMartini — his partner in WBS, the corporation claiming ownership of Ratt's trademarks — is in breach of his fiduciary duty to the company by refusing to tour without formerly exiled singer Stephen Pearcy. A judge recently seemed to indicate that Blotzer's hold over the band name was undermined by a technicality, but the drummer isn't buying it — and neither is his lawyer.

Attorney Drew Sherman appeared with Blotzer on a recent episode of One on One With Mitch Lafon, and (via Blabbermouth) vigorously contested the notion that Ratt would be carrying on without his client.

You can listen below.

"The ruling that we have, there are many legal strategies that will be employed in order to change and bring to the court's attention various other pieces of evidence as well as prior rulings," insisted Sherman. "So it's a long time before this is done. We're not even at the appeals part yet, because there's no judgment to appeal. So there's a lot of time. Status quo will remain, and WBS owns the marks."

Blotzer, who's assured fans that "no judgment has been rendered" on the Ratt Facebook page, added that in his opinion, DeMartini reunited with Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier out of jealousy over the Blotzer-led Ratt's success.

"We've had tremendous, great success with this band out here," Blotzer insisted. "I mean, we're headlining big gigs. It's doing really well. I'm very proud of that. So I think [Warren, Juan and Stephen] seeing this kind of success, now all of a sudden, from not liking each other or talking, [they're now in] collusion together and they decide that they're gonna do this at this point, and there you have it. They're making their move, and they don't have the name Ratt."

Check out Blotzer and Sherman's complete appearance on the show below. His version of the band is booked through late April — which is exactly when the other Ratt are scheduled to deliver a headlining set at the M3 Rock Festival in Maryland.

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