Bob Dylan's 1989 album 'Oh Mercy,' without a doubt one of his finest albums of the '80s, and by some accounts the start of his late-career creative comeback, is being given the vinyl reissue treatment.

'Oh Mercy' reportedly came about as the result of an unexpectedly sudden burst of songwriting from Dylan, who had gone a while without feeling inspired to pen anything. At the suggestion of U2 lead singer Bono, Dylan brought in Daniel Lanois, who had worked on their landmark 'The Joshua Tree' album as well as records by Peter Gabriel and others, to produce the album.

According to Dylan's own book, 'Chronicles, Vol. 1,' the partnership was a difficult but ultimately rewarding one, with the pair clashing over arrangements, tempos and overdubs, but ultimately creating one of Dylan's most cohesive and appealingly textured albums in years.

It couldn't have been that rough of an assignment, because in 1997 the two reunited for another classic album, 'Time Out of Mind.'

Highlights of the album include the upbeat, vaguely Bo Diddly-ish rhythms of 'Political World,' the churchy piano anthem 'Ring Them Bells,' and the snarling 'What Was It You Wanted.' The album's first single 'Everything is Broken' was apparently a source of much debate between Dylan and Lanois, but has become a fan favorite over time, as has the stirring, rueful ballad 'Most of the Time.'

The attention-grabbing cover art was taken directly from a mural Dylan rode past on a bicycle one day on the way to the studio, with CBS record label representatives having to track down the extremely poor and understandably skeptical artist, named Trotksy, in order to secure the rights.

'Oh Mercy' is being released on high quality 180 gram vinyl by a label named 4 Men with Beards, who specialize in getting really awesome albums by the likes of the Velvet Underground, Funkadelic and Iggy Pop back into stores on wax. You can order their reissue of 'Oh Mercy' right here.

Watch Bob Dylan's 'Political World' Video

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