On Sept. 25, MVD will released 'Down in the Flood,' a documentary that looks at the storied history of Bob Dylan and the Band.

Looking for a touring band to make the move from folk into rock, Dylan called upon a group from Canada then known as the Hawks. Following a tumultuous 1966 U.S. and world tour that famously saw Dylan heckled for "betraying" folk music, a motorcycle accident sidelined Dylan and the musicians took residence in a big pink house in Woodstock, N.Y.

The music made at Big Pink became known as 'The Basement Tapes' and paved the way for the Hawks' recording career when it began shortly thereafter, with their name changed to the Band.

Dylan and the Band would work together again on 1974's 'Planet Waves' and later that year on an arena tour that produced a live album, 'Before the Flood.' Dylan also made a guest appearance in 1975 on the night of the Band's final performance with its original lineup, which resulted in the film, 'The Last Waltz.'

'Down in the Flood' tells the story of that relationship through archival footage and interviews with many of the people who were present such as the Band's Garth Hudson, Mickey Jones (who replaced Hawks drummer Levon Helm when the tour moved overseas) and producer John Simon. Respected rock writers, including Anthony DeCurtis and Robert Christgau, are also featured.

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