Black Label Society have released a video for “A Love Unreal,” which is taken from their latest album, Grimmest Hits. You can watch the video, in which Death finds a new lease of life, above.

“‘A Love Unreal’ is basically, a woman is with you, she thinks you’re a great guy,” frontman Zakk Wylde recently told Loudwire. “Maybe it could be real. But then, you had to go do that. … You pushed it, you went a little too far – you went for a burrito that happened to be tainted with a little bit of mad cow in it. You’re in the car, you’re having a smoochy-smoochy session. The burrito times out. She looks at you, throughout the fog, and says, ‘This isn’t love unreal. Let me out the car, and that’s the end of this relationship.’ So there ya go.”

Wylde said the title of the album, which came out last month, was spurred by a record-company query. “The label was like, ‘Are there any hits on this album?’" he told Billboard. "I said, ‘No, it’s looking pretty bleak.’ To have a greatest-hits record, you need one important ingredient, and that’s hit songs. We don’t have them, we just have grimmest hits. Someone will listen to this record and say, ‘I don’t hear any hits on this record.’ And I’ll say, ‘That’s right, jackass, that’s why the album is called Grimmest Hits, not Greatest Hits.’ I just want to confuse people even more!”

Wylde will return to Ozzy Osbourne’s band for the onetime Black Sabbath singer’s farewell tour, and revealed that he was ready to contribute to an album if he’s invited. “That’s how it’s always been,” he noted. “When we got back together and started doing rehearsals again, it was like picking up exactly where it left off. You’re crying laughing all the time because whenever you’re around Ozzy, he’s making fun of himself and everything else that’s going on."

Black Label Society are currently touring the U.S. with Corrosion of Conformity, Eyehategod and Red Fang.

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