After appearing in a stagnant state earlier this spring, Black Country Communion are now forging ahead with their third studio album. Earlier this year, singer Glenn Hughes stated that he had a wealth of songs ready to go, but there were only rumors at that point of a recording session over the summer.

Those rumors did eventually become reality, with the former Deep Purple singer tweeting that BCC's third release is on target for a worldwide Oct. 30 release. He also served up a photo from the sessions. Hughes recently told Artisan News that the new release would be "kind of a continuation" of their last record, and added, "There's gonna be some darker stuff on there, because the lyrics I'm writing are kind of dark. There may be some moments of drama in there. I like drama in the music. So the songs I have already are definitely a continuation of [the first two records]."

In addition to Hughes, Black Country Communion features guitarist great Joe Bonamassa, drummer Jason Bonham, and onetime Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian. The group has been working with producer Kevin Shirley, who also helmed their first two releases.

Black Country Communion definitely dip their toes in the classic rock end, but Hughes recently told Guitar World that it wasn't necessarily an obvious choice for him to return to that sound. He explained, "Realize that my roots are rock music, although I did grow up listening to black American music, as Robert Plant listened to American blues music. Everybody’s got their story to tell. But when I embrace the rock hat, when I put it on two or three years ago, when I realized I’m gonna go and make really focused rock albums, it felt like wearing an old shoe. It was a perfect fit."

Hughes says he didn't return to the genre for financial gain, but he feels as though he's rediscovered his love for the sound because it was supposed to happen.

Though the singer did reveal a release date, the title for the disc is still pending.

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