Glenn Hughes fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming months.

Hughes shared his plans during a recent interview with Metalized, opening up his studio for an advance listen to his upcoming 14th solo LP. Although the new set doesn't have a title yet, Hughes said he's planning on a November release — after which he's cleared his schedule for work on the next Black Country Communion album.

"I never make the same album twice," boasted Hughes. "Go back to the first Trapeze album, the second was different and the third one was different. And then you go to Burn, and Stormbringer was different from that, and then Come Taste the Band. You got Hughes/Thrall and that was different from Deep Purple. And then you go to Seventh Star with Tony Iommi. That was different from Hughes/Thrall. And then the blues album and then the Glenn solo albums."

With this set, Hughes intends to honor his roots, which he described as "Motown and rock." He's been working with guitarist Soren Andersen, who's doing double duty in Hughes' band and behind the boards — a development Hughes credits with taking his new music to the next level.

"I have played with quite a few guitar players and he embraces what I write. He doesn’t try to change it," explained Hughes. "I have worked with other famous guitar players who – bless their hearts – but they have not been able to fully understand where I am going. It sounded great but it wasn’t completely Glenn. This album will be the first kind of complete Glenn album."

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