In a recent interview with 69 Faces Of Rock, vocalist supreme Glenn Hughes talked about his current all-star band, Black Country Communion, and the overriding influence of days gone by on their sound. "Back in the '70s everybody was getting high," he says matter-of-factly. "Lots of women, and lots of drugs, and buzz and so on."

Hughes should be no stranger to classic rockers. His soulful vocals and thumping bass can be found in such notable bands as the long-lost power trio Trapeze and the MKIII version of Deep Purple. He has also made time with everyone from Black Sabbath (briefly in the 80s) and Gary Moore. "I'm sort of one of those survivors of that period. The mistakes I've made actually had been life lessons for me." he said, adding proudly, "I'm clean and sober now."

As for the music of those hazy days, Hughes quickly adds "It was a great time, you had Zeppelin, Sabbath, Purple, WhoPink FloydStonesYes and all those great British bands. It was a great time for music."

Black Country Communion's pedigree is nothing to sneeze at. Aside from Hughes, the band features bluesman Joe Bonamassa, ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian and ex-Damnocracy drummer Jason Bonham (his dad used to play in some band a long time ago, but the name escapes me).

BCC released their critically acclaimed second album last year and there are already plans for volume three. "I've got pretty much a whole record of songs ready to go." said Hughes, then cryptically adding "I don't really know too much of what's gonna happen in the future. There are rumors that we will make an album this summer. But I'm not too sure. For me, all I wanna do is play live. To all the fans that read this, they need to know that If I had my way we'd be doing mass touring!"

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