William Alfred Broad, the father of Billy Idol, has passed away earlier this month at the age of 90. The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Earlier today (Aug. 30), Idol posted a photo of his father with the words "In Loving Memory of" and the dates of his life to his Whosay account. The caption read, "RIP William Alfred Broad laid to rest today...."

There is no official statement on Idol's website, but on Aug. 9, he tweeted, "My Dad liked this new album I'm making. he died on Thursday soon after he listened to 'Ghosts in my Guitar' Love you. W A Broad RIP."

On a Facebook page set up in his memory, Broad's wife, Joan, wrote the following on Aug. 8. "Bill finaly made it to the end. He was peaceful and no pain so we are very grateful for that, but it is hard coming to terms with the situation."

Broad moved his wife and two-year old son Billy from Middlesex, England to Long Island in 1958. But they returned to England four years later, eventually settling in Goring, Sussex until 1971, when they relocated to Bromley, Kent. According to filmreference.com, Broad was a salesman.

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