The best reissues of 2013 offered fans different perspectives of some of rock's most classic albums. Some were expanded with alternate cuts and outtakes, some were laid out like history lessons with demos and live tracks and some were completely overhauled, stripping down old records to reveal new works beneath the surface. But which was the best? Vote now for the Best Reissue or Archival Release in the 2014 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards, and let us know.

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    'Give Me Strength: The 1974 / 1975 Recordings'

    Eric Clapton

    After several years of crippling drug abuse and hermit-like behavior, Eric Clapton resurfaced re-energized and clean in the mid ‘70s, with clear-cut focus. ‘Give Me Strength’ gathers a couple studio albums, a live LP and lots of pop and bluesy leftovers.

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    'Sound System'

    The Clash

    Everything the greatest punk band of all time released from the studio (as well as some rare early live cuts) is collected on this hefty box set. 'Sound System''s chronological journey starts short, tough and tart; it ends up in a completely different, but equally as exciting, place.

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    'Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)'

    Bob Dylan

    Bob Dylan’s most reviled album was stripped of its gloss and restructured as the spare acoustic folk record it was originally recorded as. 'Another Self Portrait' is the most revealing volume in Dylan’s ‘Bootleg Series,’ and an eye-opening revelation.

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    'Rumours: Deluxe Edition'

    Fleetwood Mac

    Collecting demos, alternate versions and live recordings (as well as the original classic album), this multi-disc 'Rumours' set shows that even with all the turmoil surrounding them, Fleetwood Mac were meticulous pros when it came to their craft.

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    ‘People, Hell & Angels’

    Jimi Hendrix

    Most of the previously unreleased tracks on the latest posthumous Jimi Hendrix album, 'People, Hell & Angels,' come from the period immediately after the guitar great pulled the plug on the Experience. He’s in an exploratory mood throughout most of the LP, trying on new shades of funk, soul and blues.

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    'Moondance (Deluxe Edition)'

    Van Morrison

    Van Morrison’s most popular album gets a ton of supplements, including multiple takes of some of ‘Moondance’’s most enduring cuts. It’s a fascinating process to sit in on, as Morrison and band slowly pull together one of the era’s best LPs.

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    'The RCA Albums Collection'


    Harry Nilsson was one of the period’s great unheralded voices, an excellent songwriter whose two biggest hits were covers of other people’s songs. No matter. This box gathers all of the albums he recorded for RCA plus tons of leftovers. Not a single note is wasted.

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    'In Utero: 20th Anniversary Edition'


    Kurt Cobain’s noisy, violent reaction to ‘Nevermind’’s success ended up being Nirvana’s final studio record. This 20th-anniversary set resurrects the album’s original, more abrasive mix, and fills it out with demos, outtakes and explosive live tracks.

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    'Elvis at Stax'

    Elvis Presley

    Following the high of his late-‘60s comeback years, but before the fall, Elvis Presley recorded a series of soulful sessions at the fabled Stax studios. The material was released piecemeal at the time. Collected here in its entirety for the first time, it sounds like a second comeback.

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    'Tommy: Super Deluxe Box Set'

    The Who

    The original ‘Tommy’ almost seems like an afterthought in this massive box, which bookends the classic rock opera with Pete Townshend’s initial spare demos for the project and thunderous live versions of the songs from the Who’s career-making 1969 tour.

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