Clear your calendars, because Warner Brothers is hoping you've got a few marvelous nights to spare for a massively expanded version of Van Morrison's 'Moondance.'

Originally released in 1970, the 'Moondance' album served as a critical early commercial breakthrough for Morrison. Although it wasn't much of a presence at Top 40 radio -- 'Come Running' peaked at No. 39, while the title track, which would eventually go on to become something of an FM standard, took seven years to break the charts before petering out at No. 92 -- the album reached the Top 30 of Billboard's album chart, and heralded Morrison's arrival as a major artist.

Warner Brothers will revisit the record with a trio of remastered editions, all available on Oct. 22: a single-disc straight reissue, a double-disc expanded version and a mammoth five-disc box that adds three discs of previously unreleased material, a Blu-ray with high-resolution 48K 24 bit PCM stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound audio of original album and a booklet featuring liner notes by original engineer Elliot Scheiner.

The press release promises a treasure trove of audio riches for Morrison fans, including an unheard version of 'Into the Mystic' that you can stream now courtesy of Rolling Stone.

The album will "take the listener right alongside Morrison and his band in studio. There are multiple, often lengthy, takes from the recording sessions of nearly every track found on the 1970 original." An early version of 'I’ve Been Working,' which would later show up on 'His Band and the Street Choir,' and 'I Shall Sing,' an outtake, are also included. Art Garfunkel later recorded 'I Shall Sing' for his 1973 solo debut and had a Top 40 hit with it.

Van Morrison 'Moondance' Deluxe Edition Track Listing
Disc One
1. 'And It Stoned Me'
2. 'Moondance'
3. 'Crazy Love'
4. 'Caravan'
5. 'Into the Mystic'
6. 'Come Running'
7. 'These Dreams of You'
8. 'Brand New Day'
9. 'Everyone'
10. 'Glad Tidings'

Disc Two
1. 'What do we call this Van?'
2. 'Caravan' (Take 1)
3. 'Caravan' (Takes 2-3)
4. 'Caravan' (Take 4)
5. 'Caravan' (Takes 5-6)
6. 'Caravan' (Take 7)
7. 'Caravan' (Take 8)
8. 'I’ve Been Working' (Early Version Take 1)
9. 'I’ve Been Working' (Early Version Take 2)
10. 'I’ve Been Working' (Early Version Take 5)
11. 'Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out' (Outtake)
12. 'I Shall Sing' (Take 1)
13. 'I Shall Sing' (Takes 2-3)
14. 'I Shall Sing' (Takes 4-6)
15. 'I Shall Sing' (Take 7)
16. 'I Shall Sing' (Takes 8-12)
17. 'I Shall Sing' (Take 13)

Disc Three
1. 'Into the Mystic' (Take 10)
2. 'Into the Mystic' (Take 11)
3. 'Into the Mystic' (Takes 12-13)
4. 'Into the Mystic' (Takes 14-16)
5. 'Into the Mystic' (Take 17)
6. 'Brand New Day' (Take 1)
7. 'Brand New Day' (Take 2)
8. 'Brand New Day' (Take 3)
9. 'Brand New Day' (Take 4)
10. 'Brand New Day' (Takes 5-6)
11. 'Brand New Day' (Take 7)
12. 'Glad Tidings (Take 1)
13. 'Glad Tidings (Takes 2-4)
14. 'Glad Tidings (Takes 7-8)
15. 'Glad Tidings (Take 9)
16. 'Caravan Redo' (Takes 1-2)
17. 'Caravan Redo' (Take 3)

Disc Four
1. 'Come Running' (Take 1)
2. 'Come Running' (Take 2)
3. 'Come Running' (Takes 3-4)
4. 'Come Running' (Take 5)
5. 'Come Running' ('Rolling On 4')
6. 'Moondance' (Take 21)
7. 'Moondance' (Take 22)
8. 'Glad Tidings' (Alt. Version)
9. 'These Dreams of You' (Alt Version)
10. 'Crazy Love' (Remix)
11. 'Glad Tidings' (Remix 1)
12. 'Glad Tidings' (Remix 2)
13. 'Glad Tidings' (Remix 3)
14. 'Caravan' (Remix)
15. 'These Dreams of You' (Remix)
16. 'I Shall Sing' (Mix)

Disc Five
Blu-Ray Audio disc with high-resolution 48K 24 bit PCM stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound audio of original album (no video)

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