After spending 20 years in a box under someone's bed, a 1966 painting by all four members of the Beatles has found a new home -- and made its previous owner more than $150,00 richer.

The painting, titled 'Images of a Woman,' was created during the Beatles' frenzied Japanese tour, and used by manager Brian Epstein as a way of staving off hotel room boredom during the band's long stretches under fan-imposed lockdown. Previously purchased by a collector at a 1991 auction, 'Images' had been boxed up and stored under a bed in a humidity-controlled frame for the last two decades.

Originally estimated at a pre-auction value of $80,000 to $120,000, the painting hit the block last weekend at New York's Philip Weiss Auction, eventually selling for a whopping $155,250 -- even more than the rare Beatles record player that just went for over $1,500 on eBay. The Examiner's report doesn't include any details about the painting's new owner, but here's hoping he or she has enough room to give it a prominent display -- after all those years collecting dust bunnies, it deserves a place of honor on someone's wall.