A 1964 Beatles record player just sold on eBay for $1580.00 and it doesn’t even play records! That didn’t deter collectors in the slightest because the vintage turntable that listed for $9.99 found the high bidder spending the equivalent of what most folks might pay to own a high-definition sound system.

The platter still spins at the appropriate speed but when records are played, no sound can be heard and the only audible noise is a low buzz. The seller suggests that it may be a problem with the way the needle is attached but that’s quite a gamble if you’re the one bidding a thousand plus dollars.

This four-speed NEMS record player is considered highly collectable and very few mint copies have turned up on the market. Only 5000 were manufactured so when they do appear most of them are in pretty bad condition. This one is missing its outside sticker and the blue material on the corners has chipped off. There are also surface scratches on all six sides.

Similar to a small suitcase, the 17.5 x 10 x 6 casing was designed with metal latches and a carry handle for convenience. It was originally packaged in a colorful 20 x 11 x 7 box but very few of these are known to exist and the seller makes no mention of it here. The fab four photo on the inside lid appears to be in great shape and remarkably this one still has its original 45 adapter.

The value of this record player has increased greatly over the years so if you find one in good working condition it could be worth several thousand dollars. Then again, should you stumble across one that only buzzes, hum yourself a “yeah-yeah-yeah” and consider it a victory.

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