The Beach Boys are the latest act to use shopping at home as a way to sell their new CD. Bon Jovi, the Eagles, Sheryl Crow and even Barbra Streisand have all taken that road in order to get the word out on their new music.

Since oldies radio only plays, well, oldies and many classic rock stations only play the hits, it's gotten to be difficult for older artists to get word out on any new music they have made. So it's nice that something like QVC seems to have provided that outlet.

Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks will all appear on QVC, and a special Beach Boys "bundle package" will be offered for viewers featuring their forthcoming new album, 'That’s Why God Made The Radio,' along with a special greatest hits CD. The band is, of course, in the midst of their much talked about 50th anniversary tour, with the new album set for  release on Tuesday, June 5 via Capitol Records.

QVC merchandising VP, John Kelly, said “As one of the most iconic and influential groups of our time, it is an honor to host The Beach Boys here at QVC. This show promises to be a memorable on,e as we not only offer this highly anticipated new release before it hits stores, but also give fans the opportunity to hear from the artists themselves about the collaboration behind this project.”

The  QVC program airs tonight, Wednesday, May 16 at 7 PM (ET) and will include a special performance as well as the sales pitch.