It's anyone's guess as to what will happen with Guns N' Roses after this year's reunion with Duff McKagan and Slash is over. But for now, it sounds like Axl Rose is having fun performing with his old bandmates.

That's the impression he gave TMZ, anyway, when the gossip network's airport-dwelling paparazzi caught him scootering through LAX on his way to Europe for rehearsals with AC/DC. "The shows went really good. The crowd was amazing. It was really nice," said Rose. "The first show was good. The second show was more fun."

Asked why he enjoyed the second show more, Rose shrugged, "I don't know. The crowd was even more responsive."

Going on to add that he didn't really feel restricted by his recent foot injury — which led to him temporarily performing from Dave Grohl's rock throne — Rose said he expected to have his cast off in "a couple of weeks."

That timeline presumably means Rose will still be hobbled when he begins his stint as AC/DC's fill-in vocalist on May 7, but he should be back on his feet by the time the band's European tour concludes on June 12 — and fully mobile again when GNR resume their own recently expanded tour on June 23 in Detroit.

As for fronting AC/DC, Rose didn't have much to tell TMZ, but he did offer a small bit of information when asked to name his favorite song from the band's catalog. "Right now," he said, "it's 'Touch Too Much.'"

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