Warren Haynes revealed the Allman Brothers Band rarity “Desdemona,” which appears on the band's live four-disc set Peach Picks: Cream of the Crop 2003 that comes out on June 15.

The song was recorded during the band’s U.S. tour that year, following the release of Hittin' the Note. The upcoming concert set could be the first of several similar live compilations pulled from the band's archives.

"It was a really good time period for the band," guitarist and supervising producer Haynes told Billboard in a new interview. "We had all the new material and we were reinventing a lot of old material and the band was on a high note at that point, so it just seemed like a good thing to go back and make [the recordings] available to folks. … Not having heard any of the stuff in a long time, when I went back to start listening to it. It was just really refreshing to get a snapshot of where the band was at that moment."

You can hear “Desdemona” and see the track listing for Peach Picks: Cream of the Crop 2003 below.

Haynes confirmed that “there’s talk” of releasing further archive recordings, but added that the band members’ current concerns were about reconnecting following the deaths of Gregg Allman and Butch Trucks last year.

“It's all been kind of a blur and we lost so many people in such a short period of time that it's almost impossible to process it all,” Haynes said. “So you make baby steps forward and you take baby steps backwards but try to just keep moving, because the best way to honor all these people is to keep playing."

The Allman Brothers Band, 'Peach Picks: Cream of the Crop 2003' Track Listing
Disc One
1. “Don’t Want You No More”
2. “It’s Not My Cross To Bear”
3. “Black Hearted Woman”
4. “Rocking Horse”
5. “Hot ‘Lanta”
6. “Old Before My Time”
7. “Come And Go Blues”
8. “Woman Across The River”
9. “Desdemona”
10. “The High Cost Of Low Living”
11. “Hoochie Coochie Man”
12. “Revival”

Disc Two
1. “Trouble No More”
2. “Midnight Rider”
3. “You Don’t Love Me”
4. “Who To Believe”
5. “Stormy Monday”
6. “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”
7. “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed”

Disc Three
1. “Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More”
2. “Worried Down With The Blues”
3. “Statesboro Blues”
4. “Stand Back”
5. “Melissa”
6. “Mountain Jam”
7. “Layla”

Disc Four
1. “Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’”
2. “Done Somebody Wrong”
3. “Gambler’s Roll”
4. “Soulshine”
5. “Who’s Been Talking”
6. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”
7. “Wasted Words”
8. “Dreams”
9. “Whipping Post”
10. “One Way Out”

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