Alice Cooper has released a new spoken-word album titled Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness.

The record is available to purchase on Metal Department in either black or yellow vinyl, with each variant limited to 500 copies. Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness serves as a companion piece to Cooper’s online slot game of the same name. (The game was released in 2021.)

While Tome of Madness gameplay is standard slot machine fare, it has a characteristically macabre backstory: Cooper is writing his memoirs in a strange journal (the titular Tome of Madness) and accidentally summons various Coopers from different dimensions. Now he must keep writing to stay alive, and players can free him by landing on three keys in the same spin.

Cooper released his latest studio album, Detroit Stories, in February 2021. The LP pays tribute to the sound and aesthetic of the rocker's native Detroit, where he cut his teeth in the '60s. Cooper supported the album with a tour last September and October, and tomorrow he'll kick off a new leg of the trek that runs through April, with support from Buckcherry.

Cooper talked to UCR in September about the intricacies of his stage show and his excitement to resume touring after more than a year off the road due to the coronavirus pandemic. "Other rock 'n' roll shows you're gonna get up there and play your songs. Great. With this show it's also the fun of the show and remembering all the little nuances that worked," he said. "It's just about getting back on the boards and feeling comfortable with the show, and then all of a sudden you go, 'Oh yeah, I remember what we did there,' or 'I've always wanted to change that. Let's change that now.'"

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