Alice Cooper / Elvis Presley

Alice Cooper had the rare chance to meet one of his musical inspirations in 1971, but it didn’t end quite as he imagined. The shock-rocker has announced that during his first meeting with "the King," Presley handed Cooper a gun and told him to point the weapon at Elvis’s head.

Coop told London’s Daily Mirror that the incident occurred in Elvis’s penthouse in a Las Vegas hotel.

“Elvis took me into the kitchen, opened a drawer, and pulled out a loaded pistol, telling me to put it to his head,” he said. “…I didn’t know what to do. I was expecting one of his security [people] to come in any second, see me holding a gun and shoot me dead.”

Cooper elaborated: “A little voice in my left ear was telling me, ‘Go on, this is history, kill him, you’ll always be the guy who killed Elvis.' In my other ear was another voice saying, ‘You can’t kill him, it’s Elvis Presley -- wound him instead, you’ll only get a few years!’

“A fraction of a second later Elvis did a flying kick on the gun, and sent it flying, before tripping me and pinning me to the ground by my neck, announcing, ‘That’s how you stop a man with a gun.'”

This revelation comes out on the tail of Cooper canceling his first show in 30 years due to food poisoning.

As reported formerly, a new Alice Cooper box set, ‘Old School 1964-1974,’ will drop in the U.S. on June 28. Cooper will also perform Saturday (June 11) at the legendary Download Festival in Donington Park, England.

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