'A Runaway Train' is found on Alice Cooper's new record, but it's really a Vince Gill song. True, not many traditional Gill fans will appreciate his thrashing, metal guitar work, but the mellow country balladeer more than makes up for the nasty snarl the singer is slowly losing as he ages.

Cooper sounds recharged and slightly terrified as he sings about being trapped on a train with demons:

"I found my leg chained to a spike / That ran down through the floor / Attached to thirteen angry men / All rotten to the core," he sings.

Early and often Gill's guitar work drives this runaway locomotive; he's the leader of this diabolical band.

The legend is known in country circles as a brilliant picker, but nobody knew he was capable of shredding like he does on 'A Runaway Train.' You don't expect that from a man who makes Bob Seger look tough.

"Speedin' towards a flamin' wall / Like a screamin' sonic boom / I really gotta wake up now / Or I may meet my doom, oh Lord / I may meet my doom."

'A Runaway Train' is best enjoyed at extremely loud volumes. The song would be the perfect accompaniment to anyone looking to run a four minute mile, as it stars off in a frenzy and never lets up. The story is a little campy, but as you can read in our album review, it's in line with the rest of 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare.'

4 Stars

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