More than a year after proclaiming that Rush were “basically done,” Alex Lifeson admitted he’s finally at peace with the group’s retirement.

“I don’t want to be in a band and tour any more,” the guitarist confessed during an interview with Planet Rock. “I don’t feel the need to carry on with what I did for almost half a century. I’m fine with it now. And I’m as busy as I would ever want to be.”

Rush played their final show on Aug. 1, 2015. The impetus of the band’s retirement stemmed from the health of drummer Neil Peart, who was battling chronic tendinitis and no longer wanted to perform. His bandmates, Lifeson and frontman Geddy Lee, refused to continue touring if the three core members of the group could not be together.

“It wasn’t until a year later [after the final gig] that I started to feel better about it all,” Lifeson admitted. “I realized we’d gone out on a high note.”

The guitarist recalled the band’s final performance as a very moving experience. “I remember looking around the whole arena and trying to take it all in," he said. "The lighting. The crowd. The people around me. It was very emotional for us.”

Lifeson has stayed busy since Rush wrapped, getting involved in a wide array of projects. The guitarist has collaborated with John Mayall, stoner rockers Fu Manchu and German multi-instrumentalist Marco Minnemann. He also contributed to a documentary on Randy Bachman and has a guest appearance on the new Mute Gods album. The two latter projects will be released this month.



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