'Lover Alot,' one of two new songs released simultaneously today from Aerosmith's upcoming album 'Music from Another Dimension,' proves the band can still deliver stripped-down rock with the best of their peers.

Along with the previously released 'Legendary Child,'  this upbeat number proves Aerosmith is serious about making a return to the more straight-ahead sound of their '70s heyday. Considering the over-stuffed and glossy nature of much of their last original studio album, 2001's 'Just Push Play,' this is great news.

'Lover Alot' starts with Joey Kramer quickly recovering from a "missed" opening drumbeat to set a brisk pace that he maintains throughout the track. The band launches straight into the chorus, with singer Steven Tyler demanding to know why his buddy doesn't realize what a good thing he's got going romantically in his typically wonderful tongue-twisting way: "Ahhh, don't you know that she loves you a lot / Why don't you know, don't you know what you got / I even know that she loves you a lot / Why don't you know don't you know that she's hot?"

The verses feature a short, simple and delightfully raw guitar riff, the non-stop repetition of which gives Tyler plenty of time to stretch out his words a bit more as he keeps working to sell his friend on this girl: "There's a chill in the summertime air / You get a thrill from the smell of her hair / You get a high from the taste of her..." well, you get the idea. This guy better be careful, before Tyler makes his own move.

Simply put, this song's pretty certain to make fans even more excited to hear the rest of 'Music from Another Dimension,' which is due to arrive in our dimension on Nov. 6. Aerosmith also released a new ballad today, entitled 'What Could Have Been Love.'


Listen to Aerosmith Perform 'Lover Alot'

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