In their short lifetime, the Action released a handful of singles, recorded an album that went unreleased and played countless live shows which embodied the spirit of Britain's mid-'60s Mod era. Now, their legacy is being resurrected and preserved.

Set for release Oct. 26, Shadows & Reflections: The Complete Recordings 1964-1968 collects the band's entire recorded work including all the singles, outtakes, stereo mixes, BBC sessions and the unreleased album (Rolled Gold), all in one four-CD box set, remastered by producer and music historian Alec Palao.

"The Action not only captured the Tamla/soul sounds but actually shaped it in their own style," said fellow Mod legend Paul Weller. "Alongside Steve Marriott, Reggie King stands as one of the best of the white soul singers.”

Seemingly right on track for success, they were the first band signed by Beatles producer George Martin after he left EMI to set up his own company AIR Productions. In due course, he produced the band’s five singles issued on Parlophone between 1965 and 1967 as well as tracks intended for an album.

"The fact that George Martin was the first person we were to come across that really wanted to do something for us, without trying to con us, was the reason with signed with EMI," drummer Roger Powell told International Times back in 1969. “An amazingly talented outfit who sounded brilliant," recalled Sir George Martin years later. "I loved the records I made with them. I am baffled they did not achieve superstardom.”

Despite their lack of success, they counted many fellow musicians among their fans, including the late, great Marriott, who said, "We all tried our hand at getting that Motown sound. The best ones at it were the Action – they were an amazing band.”

Phil Collins was also a follower. “Their sound, their look, their very being onstage was so cool and perfect that I became a lifelong fan and admirer instantly," recalled Collins. "Not since the Beatles had a band’s music had so much effect on me.”

Many of the original Parlophone single mixes have never been reissued in their original form on compact disc until now. The fresh discovery of multi-tracks and rehearsal tapes has led to a whole disc’s worth of previously unheard mixes and performances. The four discs come in a beautiful digi-book package, with a massive essay on the band and tons of photos.

Disc One - The Parlophone Masters
The Singles
1. "Land of One Thousand Dances"
2. "In My Lonely Room"
3. "I’ll Keep Holding On"
4. "Hey Sah-Lo-Ney"
5. "Baby You’ve Got It"
6. "Since I Lost My Baby"
7. "Never Ever"
8. "Twentyfourth Hour"
9. "Shadows and Reflections"
10. "Something Has Hit Me"
11. "The Harlem Shuffle"
12. "Wasn’t It You"
13. "The Place"
14. "The Cissy"
15. "I Love You (Yeah!)"
16. "Come On, Come With Me"
17. "Just Once In My Life" (New Mono Mix) *

Bonus Tracks
18. "Mine Exclusively" (BBC Session)
19. "Reg King Interview" / "Baby You’ve Got It" (BBC Session)
20. "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)" (BBC Session)
21. "I See You" (BBC Session)
22. "Shadows and Reflections" (BBC Session)

* Previously Unissued

Disc Two - At Abbey Road
New Stereo Mixes
1. "I’ll Keep Holding On"
2. "The Cissy"
3. "Never Ever"
4. "Since I Lost My Baby"
5. "Shadows and Reflections"
6. "Hey Sah-Lo-Ney"
7. "Something Has Hit Me"
8. "Baby You’ve Got It"
9. "I Love You (Yeah!)"
10. "Wasn’t It You"
11. "The Harlem Shuffle"
12. "The Place"
13. "Twentyfourth Hour"
14. "Come On, Come With Me"
15. "Just Once in My Life"

16. "Something Has Hit Me" (Rehearsal)
17. "I Love You (Yeah)" (Backing Track Take 1)
18. "Never Ever" (Rehearsal)
19. "Come On, Come With Me" (Backing Track Take 4)
20. "Twentyfourth Hour" (Alternative Version)
21. "The Place" (Backing Track Take 2)
22. "Just Once in My Life" (Take 2)
23. "Something Has Hit Me" (Alternative Backing Track)
24. "Shadows and Reflections" (Backing Track)

All Tracks Previously Unissued

Disc Three - Rolled Gold Plus: The 1967-68 Recordings
Rolled Gold
1. "Come Around"
2. "Something to Say"
3. "Love Is All"
4. "Icarus"
5. "Strange Roads"
6. "Things You Cannot See"
7. "Brain" (Full Length Version)
8. "Look at the View"
9. "Climbing up the Wall (See Me)" (Full-Length Version)
10. "Really Doesn’t Matter" (Full-Length Version)
11. "I’m a Stranger"
12. "Little Boy" (Full Length Version)
13. "Follow Me"
14. "In My Dream" (George Martin Orchestrated Version)

Action Speaks Louder Than…
15. "Only Dreaming"
16. "Dustbin Full of Rubbish"
17. "An Understanding Love"
18. "My Favourite Day"
19. "A Saying for Today"

Bonus Track
20. "In My Dream" (Demo Version)

Disc Four - Action Extras
1. "It Ain’t Fair" -- The Boys
2. "I Want You" -- The Boys
3. "Fine Looking Girl" -- The Boys
4. "Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" (Decca Audition)
5. "In My Lonely Room" (Decca Audition)
6. "You’ll Want Me Back" (Decca Audition)
7. "I’ll Keep Holding On" (Live)
8. "Land of One Thousand Dances" / "Uptight (Everything’s Alright)" (Live)
9. "Going to a Go-Go" (BBC Session)
10. "Never Ever" (BBC Session)
11. "India" (BBC Session)
12. "Love Is All" (BBC Session)
13. "I’ll Keep Holding On" (“Edsel” Mix)
14. "Baby You’ve Got It" (“Edsel” Mix)
15. "The Harlem Shuffle" (“Edsel” Mix)
16. "Just Once In My Life" (“Edsel” Mix)
17. "Never Ever" (“Edsel” Mix)
18. "Twentyfourth Hour" (“Edsel” Mix)
19. "Something Has Hit Me" (“Edsel” Mix)
20. "Shadows and Reflections" (“Edsel” Mix)

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