Ace Frehley has a lot to look forward to as he readies the release of his new solo album, 10,000 Volts — but he's less optimistic about the prospects of his Kiss successor, Tommy Thayer.

In a recent Guitar World interview, Frehley discussed his instinctive guitar playing style and mused about Thayer's future now that Kiss has officially concluded their farewell tour. "I've never had a guitar lesson. I was born with a certain technique that many people, namely Tommy Thayer, can't duplicate," he said. "And with Tommy, yeah … that's over now. It's back to the breadline for him!"

Frehley's raw, raunchy guitar chops are all over 10,000 Volts, which he'll release on Feb. 23. He released the title track and lead single in November. The guitarist wrote and recorded the album with Trixter's Steve Brown, and he's confident vintage Kiss fans will find plenty to love on it.

"Not to focus on the past, but the songs on 10,000 Volts are reminiscent of the hard yet pop rock songs from Kiss' Rock and Roll Over," he enthused. "There's no bullshit in any of these songs. There's no filler and zero wasted space. Steve was great about helping me trim the fat."

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Frehley Says New Solo Album Will Make Ex-Bandmates 'Look like Imbeciles'

Frehley has been prolific since leaving Kiss for the second and final time in 2002 (after what was purported to be their final tour). 10,000 Volts marks his sixth solo LP since then, and his first since the 2020 covers album Origins Vol. 2. But his steady output hasn't kept his ex-bandmates Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from taking swipes at him in the press.

"Paul and Gene have tried to destroy my reputation over the years — we know that. And unfortunately for them, 10,000 Volts is going to make them look like imbeciles," Frehley declared.

"Kiss hasn't put out a record since 2012 [Monster], and here I am, 17 years sober, and it's my sixth record since leaving Kiss," he continued. "I keep chugging along, and nobody can stop me. Creating amazing music is the best way to combat someone putting you down. That's how I shut them up."

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