Ace Frehley has released the title track to his upcoming solo album 10,000 Volts. The former Kiss star's new album is scheduled to be released on Feb. 23, 2024.

You can hear the "10,000 Volts" single below, and see the album track list courtesy of Amazon.

"10,000 Volts" finds Frehley in fine form, ripping off strong solos and getting knocked off his feet by a new love: "She hit me like 10,000 volts / when I saw her face / she hit me like 10,000 volts / feel like I was in space."

10,000 Volts will be Frehley's first album of original material since 2018's Spaceman. In 2020 he released his second covers collection, Origins Vol. 2.

"It's probably the best record I've ever done," Frehley enthused about 10,000 Volts to Nuvo earlier this month. "I'm very excited about it. It's the first time I ended up writing most of these songs with a good friend of mine, Steve Brown. He used to play in Trixter and now has a group called Rubix Kube."

The guitar legend also revealed that drummer Anton Fig, who performed on the acclaimed 1978 solo album Frehley made while still a member of Kiss as well as on 1987's Frehley's Comet, 1989's Trouble Walkin' and 2009's Anomaly, has also returned for 10,000 Volts.

Frehley Promises His New Album Will Make Paul Stanley 'Look Like an Imbecile'

Frehley is confident his new album will make his former Kiss bandmates look foolish for criticizing his abilities and work ethic. "Paul [Stanley] and Gene [Simmons] have pretty much tried to destroy my credibility by calling me a drunk and a drug addict and somebody who's not dependable," Frehley declared in October. "But if that were the case, how did I make five albums? And I’ve been touring steadily for the last 10 years... . Paul said on The Howard Stern Show [that] you might as well call the band ‘Piss’ instead of ‘Kiss’ if I got up on stage with them. Well, when this album comes about, it’s gonna make him look like an imbecile.”

Don't Expect to See Frehley at Kiss' Farewell Show

Kiss will play what's touted as their last-ever show on Saturday night (Dec. 2) at New York City's Madison Square Garden, but don't expect Frehley to turn up. "They said that they invited us to perform at that show. I never got a phone call. Peter [Criss] never got a phone call. They just said that to sell tickets."

Hear Ace Frehley Perform '10,000 Volts'

Ace Frehley, 10,000 Volts Track Listing

1. "10,000 Volts"
2. "Walkin' on the Moon"
3. "Cosmic Heart"
4. "Cherry Medicine"
5. "Back into My Arms Again"
6. "Fightin' for Life"
7. "Blinded"
8. "Constantly Cute"
9. "Life of a Stranger"
10. "Up in the Sky"
11. "Stratosphere"

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