AC/DC continue to add new wrinkles to the set list for their European tour with Axl Rose at the mic.

The band pulled into Prague yesterday, delivering a show that included a performance of "Touch Too Much" — a track from 1979's Highway to Hell that, as per, they'd never played live before.

According to the fan who uploaded the above video, "Touch Too Much" made its live debut last night, and though previously had the song listed as being played at a December 1979 AC/DC gig, that set has since been amended. The band's Prague performance also featured a rendition of "Dog Eat Dog," returning to the group's set list for the first time since 2009.

Even though "Touch Too Much" came as a nice surprise for longtime fans, Rose had previously alluded to the band working on it in rehearsals: Speaking with TMZ in April, he said that it was his favorite AC/DC song at the moment.

While any band of AC/DC's stature has a healthy number of songs that always need to stay in the set, they've made an obvious effort to mix things up a little during this European tour. Prior to bringing "Touch Too Much" out of mothballs, the band performed "If You Want Blood (You've Got It)" during their stop in Marseilles on May 13, marking the first time that song had appeared in concert since 2003.

AC/DC remain in Europe through mid-June, at which point Rose is due to head back to the States for Guns N' Roses' summer tour.

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