It's good to be proud of where you're from, as Paul Stanley of Kiss often says on stage. That goes doubly so during the Olympics, where nationalism can take on all forms. On Friday (Aug. 10), the Australian synchronized swimming team performed to a medley of AC/DC tunes.

"It was an idea we all spoke about. We wanted something classically Australian and with a very strong beat," swimmer Eloise Amberger told the media.

The routine featured the eight-woman team 'Thunderstruck' and 'Back in Black.' Unfortunately, their excellent taste in music could not sway the judges. The women received a 77.430, which caused them to finish in last place. The gold medal was won by the Russians for the fourth consecutive year. Still, the team does not have any regrets.

"It was a joint idea of ours and our coaches," she continued. "We were very proud and honored to be swimming to some Australian music. It was [a gamble] but we thought it was suitable. It's very strong, it's dynamic, it's Aussie. It just helped us get into the groove," she said.

However, their efforts did not go unnoticed by AC/DC. A post on their Facebook page said, "'Cheers to Australia's women's synchronized swimming team!! You're gold medal winners in our eyes (and ears)!"

Watch the Australian Women's Synchronized Swimming Team Perform to 'Back in Black'

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