While AC/DC consider their options following the news that singer Brian Johnson is facing total hearing loss, a former vocalist has offered to take his old job back.

Dave Evans, who briefly fronted AC/DC before being replaced by Bon Scott, has told the Sydney Morning Herald that he's open to stepping in for Johnson — and he's got plenty of fans who'll vouch for his continued capability. "When I perform around the world the fans love my music and my performances and I hear what they tell me," said Evans. "They're pretty appreciative of my vocals and performances."

Although Evans readily concedes he isn't likely to get the call to return, he expressed sympathy for Johnson, noting the difficulty of stepping away from the spotlight once the thrill of live performance has worked its way into your bloodstream.

"I just thought it was sad news," Evans added. "It's your lifeblood as a singer, live performances are so personal, without the crowd and the adrenaline it's going to be hard for him. Performances are the big highs in our lives."

Evans also went on to predict that AC/DC would continue to soldier on without Johnson, saying that as long as leader Angus Young is standing, the group remains a "branding thing" that can keep going with replacement parts around Young. "How many AC/DC cover bands are there? Millions, and as long as they play uncompromising hard rock and have someone dressed in a schoolboy uniform they pack in the people. Angus is the real deal... [he] will be thinking to keep the band going. The day Angus retires is the day AC/DC finishes."

Whether or not he's a part of the band's search for a singer, Evans said he loves the idea of showing up for even a single guest performance. "It would be nice," he offered. "[Former members] were all part of the band no matters what era they were from."

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