We had a great time bringing you the best Christmas light displays featuring AC/DC last winter, but let's be honest -- the music of Angus Young and company really fits Halloween better. With songs like 'Highway to Hell,' 'Hells Bells,' and 'Back in Black,' the veteran rockers are perfect for those wishing to share a touch of evil with the local trick-or-treaters. So let's check out the Top 5 AC/DC Halloween Light Displays:

Hells Bells, The Pumpkin Yells

AC/DC rock and there's no denying that. All you need to do is see how the camera vibrates at certain points in the video during this Halloween light display. The owners of this Wisconsin-based house truly hit the mark, with the house lights lit up to make the home look like a giant mouth ready to engulf its prey. But the thing that really sells this display is the pumpkin, which perfectly lip-synchs Brian Johnson's vocals from 'Hell's Bells.'

Highway to a Helluva Lot of Decorations

We're not sure how well we'd say the music syncs up with the lighting for this display, but the owner of this home gets plenty of credit for going full out on their Halloween decorations. This yard is bombarded with ghostly ghouls, Frankenstein and Dracula-like creatures, evil-looking jack-o-lanterns, and skeletons all lit up to the sounds of 'Highway to Hell.'

Back in Black, Front Yard of Fright

The owners of this home have set up a graveyard in their frontyard, and synchronized a light show set to the AC/DC classic 'Back in Black.' The highlight of this display is the lengths to which the creator has gone to light not only their home, but also their trees, which are filled with brightly flashing lights that pop on at certain points in the song.

A Hellacious Night

We give much respect to the owner of this Halloween display. They've taken the AC/DC classic 'Highway to Hell' and coordinated it very well with an appropriately horrific display. The yard is filled with gruesome tombstones, moving creatures that pop up, and a propulsive light show that works well with the song.

White House Turns Back in Black

The creators behind this display have perfectly designed almost their entire house to become possessed by the spirit of AC/DC. The light show is set to the classic song 'Back in Black,' with the demon eyes and mouth in the upper right window providing most of the vocals, making this a truly entertaining display

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