It's been decades since Mark Evans ended his brief stint in AC/DC, but he was still with the band for a number of important moments in its history, and he has the awards to prove it -- although his collection is a little smaller now.

Vintage Vinyl News reports that Evans recently sold his French gold record certification for 1976's 'High Voltage' album, netting $4200 at auction. Awarded for sales of 100,000 units in France, it's been part of Evans' inventory for years, but don't worry -- he sold it for a very good cause.

According to VVN, Evans arranged the auction in order to help raise funds for the Sydney Secondary College Balmain campus girls soccer team, who needed money for a series of scheduled games in Hawaii next month. Noise11 adds that Evans has offered to inscribe the award with a personal message to the winning bidder, and throw in a signed copy of his autobiography, 'Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside & Outside of AC/DC,' in the bargain.

Evans spoke with us last year about the book, which delves into his two-year stint as AC/DC's bassist and fills readers in on the ups and downs of his life since being fired from the group in June 1977. If you'd like an autographed copy of your own, you can order one directly from him at his site, (as he told us, "The name is actually for my football team, not the music -- they’re my favorite team.")