Johnny Depp is in Austin, Texas this week to promote his new movie 'The Rum Diary' at the Austin Film Festival, but he found time to surprise a crowd at the Continental Club with a 90-minute performance. In the video below ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons surprises the actor and the audience with an impromptu visit.

As our good friends at Guestlisted pointed out to us, the pair traded solos during an over six-minute long blues jam. Gibbons began by singing, but quickly introduced Depp. "We're gonna give it to Johnny make him play that guitar," he shouts. Depp isn't going to be battling Eric Clapton or the anyone else for the title of best blues rock guitarist anytime soon, but he works the fretboard and makes it cry a little during his two times through the progression.

Gibbons soon tops him by playing his solo with one hand, resting the other on Depp's shoulder. While Deep may make it weep, Gibbons gets his guitar to beg and the actor responds by hailing the bearded one's genius. It looks like they're going to wrap the song up before microphone troubles force another round of solos.

Watch Johnny Depp and Billy Gibbons Jam

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