'Going Back Home,' a collaboration between Roger Daltrey and former Dr. Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson will be available April 8. The track listing can be found below.

The pair met in 2010 and bonded over their love of the British blues-based power trio, a tradition that dates back to the early-'60s with Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, whose 'Shakin' All Over' was covered by the Who. They didn't follow up on their tentative plans to work together until last year, when Johnson was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which, morbid as it may be, jump-started the process.

Of the 11 songs on 'Going Back Home,' 10 date back to Johnson's time with Dr. Feelgood and his solo career. The remaining track is a cover of Bob Dylan's 'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window, a minor single from 1965 that featured the Band.

The album, which was recorded in one week this past November, will be released on Chess Records, the legendary Chicago label that released classic records by Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Etta James. Chess has been reactivated specifically for this album.

‘Going Back Home’ Track Listing

'All Through the City'
'Sneaking Suspicion'
'Going Back Home'
'Everybody’s Carrying a Gun'
'Keep It Out of Sight'
'Keep on Loving You'
'Some Kind of Hero'
'Turned 21'
'I Keep It to Myself'
'Ice on the Motorway'
'Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window'

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