David Coverdale revealed that Whitesnake are preparing a new album for release next year and that promotional activities could clash with an idea he’s had for a rarities-related tour.

His comments appear in the latest video he’s recorded to support the reissue of Whitesnake's 1987 self-titled LP. This one focuses on the recording of the song “Don’t Turn Away.” You can watch it above.

“Now I’m involved significantly more with social media, and fans of Whitesnake can directly communicate and ask me questions – it’s a fascinating scenario,” Coverdale said. “There are songs I’ve never played live, people’s absolute favorites, and [“Don’t Turn Away”] is one of them. Problem is, we’ve got a kick-ass new album for next year, and it’s got some seriously Whitesnake live in-your-face stuff.”

Last year, Coverdale retracted comments he had made about retiring in 2017. He described the 30th anniversary of Whitesnake as “an interesting last project for me to finish as I started” and described the milestone event as his “farewell.” But he later said that his retirement talk “was kind of a foolish thing for me to say. My co-producer looked at me like I was f---ing crazy. When I was mixing [2015's] The Purple Album, I’m going, ‘Man, who long do I have to do this?’ In essence, it's re-energized me."

Coverdale pointed out that he still writes new music and that Whitesnake will be recording some of it next year. "It's just revitalized me," he said. "Re-energized, that's all I can say. So, any ideas that I had six months ago of retiring – I was totally honest when I was making interviews, that I thought, you know, this is probably it. But I had an incredibly good time on this U.S. tour with my musicians. It was incredible."

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