The Velvet Underground will release a three-disc 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of their landmark 1968 album 'White Light / White Heat' tomorrow. Included in the set is a live disc recorded at a 1967 show. You can hear the seven-minute rarity 'I'm Not a Young Man Anymore' above.

Recorded at the Gymnasium in New York on April 20, 1967, the concert captures the band between its first two albums, and you can hear the quartet stretching its collective psyches toward the more violent sounds that would emerge on its second LP. The entire performance is stunning, but 'I'm Not a Young Man Anymore' stands out, thanks to its circular and twisting guitar riff.

The Gymnasium show has been a popular bootleg among Velvets fans for years. But the sound here has been massively upgraded, coming directly from a master tape supplied by John Cale, who, along with the late Lou Reed, had a hand in assembling the anniversary box.

Shortly after Reed's death in October, Blondie's Chris Stein recalled in an interview with Billboard the time his teenage band opened for the Velvet Underground at the Gymnasium. "We got on the subway with our guitars and went to a venue on the Upper West Side," he said. "Maureen Tucker let us use her drums, and we used the Velvets' amps. There were maybe 30 people there. The Velvets came on and were just powerful."

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