Now, don't panic, but... summer's almost over. We hate to break this news to you, but at least the first annual Ultimate Classic Rock End of Summer Survey is here to give you a good chance to look back at all the great musical events of the past few months.

It's been a summer full of exciting new albums and songs from classic rock heroes such as Aerosmith, Kiss, Rush and Motley Crue. In addition, many of the genre's most popular bands hit the road -- often joining forces in exciting new combinations -- to bring their music directly to the summer concert-going crowds. There was also a barrage of breaking news stories, funny events and eye-catching photographs to keep us all occupied. We want to know which of these happenings you enjoyed the most.

The 10 questions below -- which, obviously, you can answer as many or as few of as you want --are designed to give the world an an idea of which bands and artists rocked your world the most this summer. You can vote frequently, up to once an hour, between now and Aug. 31. We will post the results when the polls close. Now, get out there and enjoy what's left of summer!







See the photos here: Sammy Hagar and James Hetfield in Hawaii | David Lee Roth in Full Flight | James Hetfield Rocks Out With Garden Gnomes | Ozzy Osbourne's New Granddaughter | Students Thank Eddie Van Halen | Billy Gibbons Without a Beard





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