It turns out that Metallica's James Hetfield isn't just the "master of puppets," he's also got a pretty solid hold over garden gnomes as well … at least most of them.

In this awesome (and quite possibly photoshopped) picture, Hetfield is commanding attention in one of his classic rock star poses while garden gnomes made up like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves watch on.

It looks as though the singer has a pretty captive audience, but apparently not everyone's a fan; clearly, Grumpy is too much of a hipster to care. He turns his back on the performance, arms crossed and completely unimpressed by his antics (this must have been shot in Los Angeles, as Grumpy would fit right in). The only thing the disconnected dwarf needs is a cell phone so he could randomly roll through his messages to further show his disinterest.

While Grumpy may be too cool for school, Hetfield definitely isn't when it comes to rock shows. While in Portugal to play a festival recently, Metal Sucks reports that the singer ventured out into the pit to catch Mastodon's performance from the best possible vantage point … and he didn't even get hassled. But before you go saluting the fans of Portugal for being ultra-respective of Hetfield's space, you should know that the singer donned a mask in order to go unnoticed.

The singer might have been looking for inspiration while at the show. Though he has a wealth of material for when the band decide to hop back in the studio to record again, it never hurts to get a look at what some of your peers are doing. Hetfield recently stated that fans shouldn't worry when it comes time for the next album, as the anger that's been prevalent in a lot of their music will still be there.

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