If you’ve ever doubted the power of paying it forward, let this photo ease your mind.

Back in January, guitar ace Eddie Van Halen dug deep into his own collection and donated 75 guitars to music programs in the L.A. area. In coordination with Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, the guitars would find their way into the loving hands of music students whose schools were short on funds and not able to provide instruments.

Today on Twitter, Eddie Van Halen posted the photo above. Full of gratitude, it shows a whole music room full of students at the Garfield High School in Los Angeles, Calif. playing guitars. In the background they're holding up a sign thanking Mr. Van Halen for his contributions and seemingly proving that they're being put to good use. Judging by the poses, we’re pretty sure that tyke in the second row is ready to launch into the guitar solo from ‘Eruption’ at any moment, but we can’t be quite sure.

Van Halen, who credits music for keeping him off of the streets and out of trouble when he was younger, knows the value of music education on a deeply personal level, and now, thanks to his donation, he’s helping cultivate the future Eddie Van Halens of the world.

The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, whose name might sound familiar, was indeed inspired by the Richard Dryefuss movie of the same name. Founded by composer Michael Kamen in 1996 ,the charity has been supporting under-funded music programs across the country since its inception.

Eddie Van Halen continues his trek across the country and back again with the reunited and re-invigorated Van Halen, check out the newly extended tour dates here.

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