U2 closed out their Achtung Baby residency at the Sphere in Las Vegas on March 2, delivering a transcendent performance featuring many of their biggest hits.

Early on, the night stayed true to the band's formula for most of their Vegas stay. The band opened with "Zoo Station," followed by "The Fly" and "Even Better Than the Real Thing." Still, the Irish rockers had a few surprises up their sleeves which were unveiled later in the show.

As the band played their fifth song, "One," Daniel Lanois, the producer of Achtung Baby joined them onstage to play guitar. "There'd be no Achtung Baby without Daniel Lanois," Bono proclaimed at the end of the poignant tune.

Watch U2 and Daniel Lanois Perform 'One'

A later surprise came via a song that wasn't even a U2 original. At various points in their residency, U2 has covered Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over." As Bono explained, Neil Finn, who wrote the classic track, was so inspired by the cover that he sent U2 a new version of his vocals that they could intertwine with their performance. Bono told the crowd they wanted to "make the last night a kind of recording session," laying down their cover live with Finn's vocals and the fans in attendance joining in. The rendition was dedicated to Alexei Navalny's widow Yulia and was unquestionably one of the highlights of the evening.

Watch U2 Cover 'Don't Dream It's Over' at Their Final Sphere Show

The band was in fine form throughout the night as they belted out many of their most famous hits. Further highlights included "Desire," "Elevation" and "With or Without You." Following the traditional last song of the set, "Beautiful Day," Bono suggested the band may return for one more tune. They followed through by playing "40" for the only time at the residency, and the first time since 2016. As Bono pointed out, it was a poetic end to the show, considering the residency lasted 40 concerts.

"It's been 40 days and 40 nights in the desert," the frontman remarked. "What's a fellow with a messianic complex going to do?"

A full setlist from U2's final Sphere show can be found below.

Watch U2 Perform '40' at Their Final Sphere Show

In many ways, the closing gig served as a victory lap for U2. When the Irish rockers were announced as the first act to christen the multi-billion dollar Sphere venue, they were met with equal parts excitement and skepticism. Some only lookers questioned whether the band – and the Sphere itself – would be able live up to their lofty expectations. All U2 did in response was deliver one of the most successful residencies in rock history, winning awards, earning millions in revenue and ushering in a new breed of concert experience.

U2's final Sphere gig was a star-studded affair, with Dave Grohl, Brian Eno and First Lady Jill Biden reportedly in attendance.

Also in the crowd, Larry Mullen Jr., U2's drummer who sat out the Sphere residency as he recovered from various ailments. At one point, Bono made sure to thank Bram van den Berg, the man who replaced Larry Mullen Jr. behind the kit for the entirety of U2's stay. "It's been a privilege and an honor getting to know you, Bram," the frontman declared. "Wham bam, thank you Bram."

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With the Sphere residency now concluded, U2 will likely turn their attention towards a new album.

Bono previously promised that the band's next LP will be "an unreasonable guitar record." "We are turning the amps on," added bassist Adam Clayton. "I certainly think the rock that we all grew up with as 16- and 17-year-olds, that rawness of those Patti Smith, Iggy Pop records… that kind of power is something we would love to connect back into."

U2, Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere, March 2, 2024 Set List

1. “Zoo Station”
2. “The Fly”
3. “Even Better Than the Real Thing”
4. “Mysterious Ways”
5. “One”
6. “Until the End of the World”
7. “Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”
8. “Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World”
9. “All I Want Is You”
10. “Desire”
11. "Angel of Harlem"
12. "Don't Dream It's Over"
13. “Acrobat”
14. “So Cruel”
15. “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)”
16. “Love Is Blindness”
17. “Elevation”
18. “Atomic City”
19. “Vertigo”
20. “Where the Streets Have No Name”
21. “With or Without You”
22. “Beautiful Day”
23. "40"

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