Black Sabbath legend Tony Iommi will hold book signings in England and in New York City this fall to promote the Nov. 1 release of his autobiography, 'Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell With Black Sabbath.'

We're guessing he'll probably watch what he says pretty closely at the event, after this recent "drama" where rumors that the original Black Sabbath lineup was reuniting for both a tour and a brand new album spread like wildfire.

That all started when an interview Iommi did with the Birmingham Mail was allegedly taken out of context. The Sabbathians denied that that they were reforming and recording and now, Iommi is moving on and promoting the new book.

The exact dates of the signings have not been revealed, but the memoir is due out on Nov. 1, so it would not be a stretch to imagine that the signings will take place around that time. So, get yourself a Sharpie and plan to shake hands with a legend if you plan on attending one of the signings.

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