6/13 UPDATE: The version below does not feature Tommy Lee's drumming. He is involved with the remix that is coming out next week, although he didn't say that he played on it. "I've gotta clear this up, because in another interview, I think there was some miscommunication," he said. "The song that just came out yesterday from Tyla and Post, I am not on that track. I am working on — and I will be done by, I think, Tuesday — I'm working on a remix of it, where I've put my flavors all over it and turned it into something really cool that I think everyone's gonna dig. So I did not play on the original track that came out last night." 

Call it a meta moment; drummer Tommy Lee, providing the beat for a new song from rapper Tyla Yaweh titled "Tommy Lee," which also features Post Malone.

“It’s killer,” Lee proclaimed of the track during an appearance on SiriusXM radio. “It’s basically [an ode to] living that rock star life that people in hip-hop always seem to talk about.” Upon announcing its arrival, Lee promised that a remix will come next week.

Malone initially put together a demo of the song and sent it to Lee, who loved what he heard. The drummer then recorded his contribution at his home studio while in quarantine.

The duo previously collaborated on the song “Over Now,” featured on the hip-hop artist’s 2018 album Beerbongs & Bentleys.

During his SiriusXM interview, the Motley Crue drummer made it clear how much he enjoys working with Malone. “I’ve known him for a while and that dude is a rock star, let me tell you,” Lee declared. “He’s a freaking maniac.”

Malone also knows a thing or two about having a song named after him. Dutch DJ Sam Feldt scored an international dance hit in 2019 with his song titled “Post Malone.”

In a conversation with NME, Yaweh described the song as being about “living life and spreading positive energy.” The rapper also explained that the attitude of the song’s namesake helped inspire the track. “Tommy Lee just doesn’t give a fuck and I love that.”

Lee has been remarkably busy lately, even after the coronavirus pandemic forced Motley Crue to postpone their reunion tour. The drummer recently released two new solo songs: “Knock Me Down," featuring the band Killvein, and "Tops," featuring South African rapper Push Push. Both tracks will appear on Andro, Lee’s solo LP due out in October.

Listen to Tyla Yaweh's "Tommy Lee" Featuring Post Malone


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