All the hours Tommy Lee has logged behind the drum kit during Mötley Crüe's Final Tour have taken a toll on his wrists, and he has the doctor's note to prove it.

Prior to his call time for the band's stop in Buffalo last night, Lee found himself dealing with a sudden burst of crippling pain — and as he told his Twitter followers, a quick consult with the Crüe's medical staff revealed the culprit to be tendinitis. In order to bring the swelling down, he was advised to skip the show.

Lee did turn up onstage, however, to let the fans know how bad he felt about not playing for them, and took a few moments at the mic to fill in the crowd about what was going on. "I'm so f---in' sorry, man," Lee told the audience in the fan-shoot footage above. "I woke up at like three in the morning with f---in' tendinitis, man. I got a f---in' shot and they were like, 'Dude, you need to f---in' chill the f--- out for a minute.' So I just wanted to say I'm sorry. F---, I don't even know what to say."

Subbing in for Lee was Glen Sobel, drummer for the Final Tour's special guest, Alice Cooper. As he explained in a Facebook post, taking the gig meant learning the Crüe set list in the space of an afternoon.

"It's been an insane day of prep and making cheat sheets," wrote Sobel, calling the experience an "honor" and explaining that Lee was offstage "handling some of the electronics and cueing me through the in ear monitors." He didn't attempt Lee's signature Crüecifly solo, but as you can see below, he did play "Home Sweet Home" on the hydraulic stage.

"It's one of those things — had I known when I was a kid this would happen one day — you get the picture," added Sobel. "Here's to hoping Tommy Lee's wrist heals up quickly. I'm familiar with the experience of playing though pain while being on tour. It isn't fun."

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