Tom Petty is offering a fans another sneak peek into the forthcoming Heartbreakers album 'Hypnotic Eye,' this time with 'Fault Lines' -- a hard-charging Ron Blair-driven groover featuring one of Petty's weariest counterpoint vocals.

Petty similarly plays off the fractured landmasses that spider across his home state of California by crafting a personal tale of overcoming past hurts -- before Mike Campbell offers a devastatingly cathartic solo. 'Fault Lines' is made complete by a squalling harmonica, some greasy keyboard work and relentless stick work, hailing a complete return to straight-ahead rock for the Heartbreakers after a detour toward more blues-based sounds on 2010's 'Mojo.'

'Hypnotic Eye' is due July 29 via Warner Bros. It's the second consecutive full-length project to feature Blair, who left as the Heartbreakers' founding bassist following 1981's 'Hard Promises.' The late Howie Epstein served in his place for two decades.

In some ways, Blair says, he felt destined to return one day. "Coming back to the band was like surfing a tidal wave and I don't even surf," Blair told the Petty Archives. "Really though, it connected a lot of dots in my mind and I feel like I'm living the 'right life' now."

They'll tour in support of 'Hypnotic Eye' beginning in August.

Listen to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' 'Fault Lines'