After going decades with what he considers unfair payments for singing on the classic song 'Time Has Come Today,' Chambers Brothers singer Lester Chambers is taking to the internet to fund a new album and raise awareness for other artists who are in similar straits.

Despite providing the lead vocals for a song (written by his brothers and bandmates Joe and Willie) that has been featured in over 100 films, T.V. shows and commercials, Chambers claims he didn't get a royalty check from his record company for the 1968 smash until 1994. As he tells CNN, the entire group split just $4,000 when the song was recently used in the videogame 'Homefront,' which sold over three million copies.

"If they did that with one of the major groups, mainly one from England, and you know who they are, they would have gotten $150-200,000 for that," the singer explains. Earlier this year, Chambers began to fight back earlier in the year by posting a picture of his face obscured by one of the group's gold records and a long note detailing his financial plight.

Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit, was one of many touched by this photo. He helped Chambers host a Q&A session online to explain his circumstances, and set up a Kickstarter page to help the singer raise funds to record a new album. Happily, people have already pledged more than the $39,000 needed to fund the project in return for CDs, liner note thank-yous and other items from the singer.

Chambers promises they'll all get their money's worth: "In this record I promise to have some of the world's GREATEST songs from your past and some great new songs for your new year to come!"

Lester Chambers Plea

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