While Bob Seger's 'Like A Rock' was a natural fit for selling Chevy trucks, using the music of “Terrible” Ted Nugent to hawk Volkswagens is, on the surface, a bit of an interesting and gutsy choice.

Sourcing Nugent's nine-minute slow-burning riff-tastrophe 'Stranglehold' as the soundtrack certainly brings the right vibe when looking to illustrate the experience of buying that new vehicle that is lean and mean, geared towards upping your “cool” factor.

But there's also irony attached -- is the real “stranglehold” the car payment that you're about to commit to?

Hearing the doting young dad ask “is it safe?” made us wish that “Terrible” Ted himself would have popped out from behind the Volkswagen to say “you're g-ddamn right, it's safe -- tell 'em Ted told you so!” (Maybe that exists somewhere as the “director's cut.”)

In the end, Ted provides the perfect musical backdrop as we watch our subject go through the evolution of life, from the kid buying his first 10 speed bicycle, onward to a moped which leads to the questionably street legal “fast car” and finally, to purchasing the Volkswagen Jetta that will serve as safe transport for his precious cargo.

We can't wait to see 'Cat Scratch Fever' used to sell cat food!

Watch Ted Nugent's VW Commercial:

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